Time spent in our classes is very precious. We make the most of it…

CThe time spent during classes is very precious. We make the most of it, therefore it is necessary for the students to be fully concentrated and to actively participate in the lessons.
The classes are carefully planned, but we adapt their course to the needs and wishes of the learners.
There is no universal method of teaching a foreign language which is good for everyone. People have different learning styles and the teachers take it into consideration applying various methods and working styles during classes.
Learning in our school aims to develop practical skills – after finishing our courses people are to understand and speak in English and not to discuss English grammar or vocabulary in the Polish language.

Small is beautiful. Our students work in small groups and every student is given sufficient attention.
Learning requires understanding and cooperation – between the learner and the teacher and between all learners in one group.

Learning a language never ends. Participation in our courses is only a part of a bigger whole. Fluent command of a language requires regular contact with the language through films, literaturę, press, internet, holiday trips, conversations and using the language at work.

We expect hard work from our students. The more effort you make, the better and faster results it will bring.
Learning a language is hard and laborious, but it also broadens one’s horizons, arouses interests and is fun. During our classes we choose interesting topics, care about friendly atmosphere and good humour.