Why YES ?

The knowledge of English is a necessity nowadays …

Close to homeNice and friendly atmosphereWe take care of our studentsWe teach in small groupsWe offer reasonable prices

Many people are discouraged to learn English due to high costs, small effectiveness of the courses and the necessity of spending quite a lot of time on commuting to language schools in the city centre.
The problem of driving kids to the city centre, which often engages one family member for the whole afternoon and requires having a car is usually the cause of giving up learning. YES School of English offers classes on the spot, close to home.
Children and young people can come to classes on their own and when it is the most suitable for them, since we adjust our timetable to the lesson timetables in nearby schools.
Bringing the youngest is not so troublesome as their transportation to the centre and the time which the children spend during classes is easier to use when close to home. It is also possible to wait for the kids in a specially prepared waiting room.
The adults are offered evening courses, so that there is no interference with children’s classes and home duties.

Our school works locally, which means that in one group there are children who know each other from their school, class or playground and adults who know each other from the neighbourhood.

This makes it easier to enquire about the school or the teachers for people who start learning in our school – our customers are your neighbours and acquaintances.

It is very important for us to establish long-term relations with our customers – therefore we do our best to teach effectively and conscientiously.

Our goal is not big groups of accidentally chosen students who leave our classes after one or two semesters. Effective learning requires systematicity and consistence, which cannot be ensured while changing teachers and coursebooks every semester.

After many years of our business activity we are proud to have customers who have been using our services for a dozen or so years.
We follow our own curriculum and usually work with coursebooks which are different from those used at schools.

The learners who take part in school contests of the English language can count on our help and support.

To students who have problems and need extra assistance we offer a course called tutorials.

We also provide free classes to those who could not attend lessons for any reasons. They take place once a week. Kindly inform us in advance about your planned coming, by email or telephone.

Small groups are an absolute must to guarantee effective learning of communication in a foreign language.

Our schools provides classes in small groups, which means optimal conditions for students who acquire speaking and listening skills.
Only in small groups is the teacher able to devote sufficient amount of time to each of the students.

Such conditions facilitate the participation of shy students or those who are not confident of their skills. All our students’ work and effort are appreciated.
There is also a possibility of individual learning with a teacher.

The school offers very competitive prices.
Thanks to our small size we do not burden the customers with high administration costs.
There are a few options of making payments:
– one-off payment (with 5% discount)
– semestral payment (with 3% discount)
– payment in instalments
We also offer discounts for siblings who learn in our school:
-annual payment (with 7% discount)
-biannual and instalment payment (with 5% discount)
Our teachers are experienced teachers of the English language with the degree of MA in English philology.
You will find more information in the “Teachers’ tab.